Klavierkonzent Irina Kornilenko
"Zauber der Begegnung" - Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2011, 20 Uhr auf Gut Basthorst

Liebe Freunde klassischer Musik mehr...

Dear Guests and Visitors ...


... Welcome to Gut Basthorst!

We hope you will enjoy the multi-faceted culture of our agricultural and forestry manor. Culture - as we understand it - can be anything created by men, in contrast to nature.

The nature of Germany’s northern state Schleswig-Holstein is pervasive at Gut Basthorst, but so is our multifunctional and creative development of this land. Today, Gut Basthorst is very much a cultivated place and there is much to see and do – history, beautiful scenery, fine local and organic dining, concerts, christmas markets, polo and horse riding tournaments, and much more.

Gut Basthorst still is our family home, as it has been for 400 years. We thrive to be a place where tradition meets modernity and where all generations feel at home.

This website can only provide you with a glimpse of the lively and open atmosphere here.  We encourage you to visit Gut Basthorst that is located in close proximity to the city of Hamburg and hope you join us in person soon.

Please take the virtual tour and you will see that at Gut Basthorst, no day is like the other.

Enno Baron von Ruffin and Team

Herzlich willkommen

Polo 2011